Deciding Between New Resin Driveways and Block Paving in Bridgwater | Which is Best for Your Driveway?

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  • New Resin Driveways (Both Resin-Bound and Resin-Bond)

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  • Sub-Base Installations

  • Tarmac Driveways

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When laying a new driveway, some of my customers can become torn between new resin driveways, tarmac driveways and block paving driveways. All of them certainly have their qualities that make them a great choice for your Bridgwater home, but which one should you choose?

Here, we will examine block-paved and resin driveways to help inform your decision about a future driveway installation project. We will look at some key factors that may cross your mind when hiring a paving contractor for a new driveway, or even a new patio installation.


Surface Maintenance

Typically, resin-bound surfaces are easier to maintain than those that are block-paved. For the most part, a resin driveway will need the occasional sweep, or maybe a bit of wash to remove any stubborn dirt.

On the other hand, block-paved driveways require a bit more care and attention. Regular pressure washing is recommended for the paving blocks to retain their natural look. These drives are susceptible to weeds growing in the sand-filled joints between the blocks and the joints will need to be re-sanded from time to time, along with re-sealing the blocks themselves.


Design Options

When deciding between block-paved, resin and tarmac driveways, the way they look is certainly an influential factor for you to consider as a homeowner. Across the board, a block-paved driveway will give your home a more classic look that can complement the property's existing features. Meanwhile, while they may feel a little less authentic, resin driveways have a larger choice of colours and textures, allowing them to seamlessly fit with most types of houses.


As a professional paving contractor, I understand that many customers are concerned about driveway and patio installation costs. Generally speaking, new resin driveways and block-paved driveways can be similarly priced. However, it’s important to note that the cost of your new driveway will be influenced by certain characteristics of the job, such as the choice of materials and the size of the driveway.


When considering the sustainability of block paving and resin driveways for your Bridgwater property, both fare well. Permeable resin-bound driveways can help manage surface water and weeds while also extending the life of existing concrete or asphalt that the resin paving is laid on. Block-paved driveways can also be pretty sustainable, especially if they’re made from naturally sourced stone blocks that are permeable or semi-porous. Having said that, due to their production process, concrete block paving is notably less sustainable than natural stone blocks and resin-bound surfaces.
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